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SLD Pumps and Power’s set to set synchronisation packages are ideal for any project requiring two or more generator sets to run in parallel at the same time. These systems use a method known as isochronous load sharing, which means the project load is proportionally divided across the number of generator sets whilst maintaining a fixed frequency.

The benefits to you – a continuous power supply. Should one generator set cut out the second unit will automatically kick in. Set to set synchronisation systems are ideal for event companies and film studios.

Set to Main Synchronisation

SLD Pumps and Power is highly experienced in supplying temporary set to main synchronisation packages to the utilities industry.

Whether it be synchronising our generator sets to the National Grid, via a regional electricity company for ‘peak lopping / shaving’, providing a ‘no break return system’ during transformer maintenance, or switchgear replacement, SLD will ensure you always have power.

Multi Megawatt Synchronisation

SLD Pumps and Power can provide multi-megawatt synchronisation packages for any large, temporary power application.

Whether it be supporting a mains electricity supply, also known as ‘peak lopping / shaving’, providing a full, temporary power rental solution for an event, replacing a local electricity supply, or providing temporary power to an industry critical application. Uninterrupted power when you need it, where you need it.

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