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A wide variety of submersible drainage water pumps available for hire or sale

SLD Pumps and Power is one of the leading suppliers of submersible drainage water pumps rental equipment in the UK.

We provide effective submersible drainage water pumps rental solutions 24/7, 365 days a year. We operate throughout the UK delivering turnkey rental solutions to many critical and diverse applications, from specification through delivery and installation.

We can confidently approach any project with the knowledge that we can supply the correct submersible drainage water pump equipment cost-effectively.

Our stainless steel Submersible Drainage Water Pumps are available for hire & rental. They're suitable for both clean & dirty water.

The benefits of renting from SLD Pumps and Power

  • Dedicated team of specialist engineers
  • Complete installation service
  • Complete backup & support
  • Excellent rental rates
  • 24hr nationwide service
  • Design & specification service
  • Short, medium & long term rental
  • Free Site Surveys
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Submersible drainage water pumps available for hire 24/7:

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