Engineering & Industrial Sectors | Pump & Power Hire
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SLD have been providing solutions to industries since their formation over 40 years ago.

Industry today covers a vast range of disciplines and you will find SLD working alongside Engineers in Mining and Quarrying, Power Stations, Food and Beverage, Coatings, Effluent Treatment etc.

SLD provide Pumping, Power and Air Conditioning solutions from small stand alone projects to complex shut downs. SLD work with engineers to overcome a wide range of day-to-day problem solving and with Project Management Teams to provide turnkey installation and operation solutions from concept to provision.

The Hire and Sale range specification of the SLD portfolio ensures equipment not only meets your Pumping, Power Generation and Air Conditioning requirements but will do so meeting exacting standards in environmental, health and safety and provide market leading economies of use.

But SLD don’t simply provide the equipment, Service and repair of customer products by skilled engineers in first class workshops ensure minimum down times of equipment and quality repairs.

SLD’s continually driven HSE policies will also ensure that personnel visiting and operating on your locations will be highly safety conscious, equipped and trained to work safely and efficiently in today’s complex industrial plants.

Equipment/Services Applied:

  • Power Rental
  • Pump Rental
  • De-Watering
  • Heating
  • Dehumidification