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Just Ask SLD Pumps and Power

SLD can provide more than just pumps and power….

We’ve got the right equipment to support you and your industry. So just ask, we might surprise you!

The last few months of prolonged dry weather has not been favourable for traditional pumping applications however, it has created some new opportunities.

Raw Potable Water Transfer

Our teams are currently involved with several water movement projects, including reservoir to reservoir, reservoir to treatment , deploying both pumped solutions and siphon arrangements ,to assist many water utility companies.

This is undertaken for a variety of different factors: – mains pressure boosting, to help maintain river flows, to safeguard food production and animal welfare etc.

We can support a large range of applications thanks to our extensive range of pump products.

Raw Potable Water Transfer



One method of Aeration is to expose water to air by spraying. This type of aerator has one or more spray nozzles connected to a pipe manifold. Moving through the pipe under pressure, the water leaves each nozzle in a fine spray and falls through the surrounding air, creating a fountain affect.

We recently provided four 6” pumps to ensure visitors at a car festival could enjoy the weekends water activities. The pumps were needed to circulate a chemical into the lake to kill blue green algae, as water events were scheduled to take place on the lake during the weekend festival. Without circulating this chemical the water events could not have taken place.

This is a great example of the equipment and service we can provide to suit our customers’ requirements.




Did you know you can buy pumps from SLD?

We have recently sold a number of pumps to be used on a wide range of applications, both within the UK and overseas.

Our 3 phase 54kW electric submersible pump, which is part of the Atlas Copco WEDA range, is one example of the pumps we have available to buy.

SLD Pumps and Power Sales


Sales order confirmed and delivered for nine WEDA40 60hz pumps and associated hose, our team and suppliers worked over the Bank holiday weekend to fulfil an off-shore order.


WEDA 40 Pump

Fast response, competitive prices, specialist technical teams – does your current supplier match up?



At SLD we strive to bring innovative ideas and products to our customers.

This portable 12” hose reel comes with interchangeable hose reels and hydraulic loading capabilities. It gives our customers maximum control out on the field when dealing with extreme and difficult working conditions. We are more than just pumps and power, if you have a challenge get in touch today and we can find a solution.

SLD Pumps and Power Innovations


Contingency planning

With the increasing unpredictability of our weather contingency planning is becoming more and more prevalent.

Are you prepared?

SLD Pumps and Power operates an emergency 24/7 rental service, 365days a year, providing immediate response and fast nationwide delivery.

We offer an extensive range of diesel, electric submersible, hydraulic submersible and specialist high head pumps, along with Wellpoint dewatering systems and temporary power packages.

We can offer short, medium and long term rental contracts to suit the needs and demands of your business, minimising capital expenditure.



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