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Integrated rental service rescues production at distillery

A prestigious whisky distillery in the West of Scotland was kept online by prompt action from on-site engineers and exemplary support from Carrier Rental Systems (UK) Limited (‘Carrier Rentals’).

A temporary, but critical fault in the in-house cooling process plant required 1700 kW of cooling to be supplied “instantly”. Carrier Rental’s Brian Gray received the call and responded by supplying an integrated package of equipment from across the company’s range of technologies.

At short notice a total of 1325 kVA of power was supplied via three generators from SLD Pumps and Power ( a division of Carrier Rentals) along with the 1700 kW of cooling and an additional 402 kW of cooling from a further package of Carrier chillers. The production re-start, and testing was successfully completed. The chillers had to be hard-piped in so that the plant’s own pumps could continue to be used. On the same site a further requirement for a waste disposal test was completed with the additional supply of a 6” hydraulic pump and hose from SLD’s Irvine depot.

The Distillery were pleasantly surprised as it was as it was unusual for a company to be able to supply all the different functions that were required in a complex but critical operation and were commending of the business as it could be done so quickly.

Marc White, Director at Carrier Rental Systems (UK) Ltd further commented.

“This has been an interesting collaborative partnership project for us, with lots of site specific requirements, with the need for permanent pipe work, and along that we drew up the detailed electrical connections for our client. All in all, this project ended up with us providing 2,072kW for over twelve months in support of their ongoing operations and plant modifications.”

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