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Hot Wash Jetters

Sheffield Depot identified a potential market requirement for hot wash jetters – Tank Cleaning/ Drying (Power Stations, Refineries, Breweries, Distilleries etc.).

This is where a large storage tank is emptied and the client requires the inside of the tank cleaned then resealed prior to refilling with their liquid of choice.

Ray Martin (Depot Manager) said “We identified a need for hot wash jetters in our local area, mainly in the Power Station market. When we went looking for fleet, we faced a challenge to source sufficient numbers of quality jetters. After consulting with the depot team, we took the decision to bring a number of fleet items into Sheffield Depot from around the country to fully refurbish ahead of our clients site requirements. We have now undertaken several projects utilizing the refurbished jetters and have another shut down project for 6-8 units booked for July. The decision we took has shown to be a great success” Ray also added that “we now have expanded our discussion with our customers informing them we also supply Heaters, Dehumidifiers and Generators, the complete Tank Cleaning/Drying package”.

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