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Early floods call for rapid pumping solutions from SLD

Recent localised flooding in several parts of the country has seen SLD's temporary pumping solutions called into action again this year after providing a sterling service for a record length of hire time last year.

Speed is always of the essence in these cases – when a reservoir near Bury overflowed after torrential rain and flooded several neighbouring houses a large 12" pump from SLD was called for by the local authority. SLD managed to supply the pump and get the rescue process started before the incident hit the six o’clock news, which it inevitably did.

Rapid deployment of an SLD 12" diesel pump also took place when a river bank on Merseyside gave way allowing millions of gallons of water to flood a large area of surrounding land. The pump is on hire to the Environment Agency.

Four further 12" pumps and hundreds of metres of hose were deployed to Doncaster County Council the same evening following a call at 4pm that day.

Following recent investment, SLD has a supply of products at all 32 UK branches in anticipation of further unwelcome spring flooding.

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