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Dial a Director

On the 25th June 2015 we held our second ‘Dial a Director’ day and it was again, a success.

I received a number of calls from our colleagues throughout the SLD depot network which enabled me to obtain some great feedback from you on topics like:

  • Increased Annual Leave Entitlement for all Direct Employees
  • EHS poster campaigns
  • ACE engagement for all business disciplines
  • Depot team communications

Over the next couple of weeks we will be considering the points raised and I will provide an update to the specific individuals who contributed on the day.

We would like to continue with this additional communication opportunity as your views and thoughts are important.

Our next ‘Dial a Director’ call will take place in September (date to be confirmed) and will be hosted by Neil Lewis.

I would encourage you to call in even if to reinforce a positive initiative in the business.

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