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Since the major floods that ravaged the country in 2007, the UK has made significant investments into its flood defences. However, clean-up and recovery is unable to begin with much of the country still submerged. Therefore it is imperative that this excess groundwater is drained so that the damage can be assessed and repairs can begin.

Flooding Issues

Standing groundwater is dangerous. Flooding does not simply weaken the structural integrity of buildings. It also introduces unsanitary water, into living environments. The excessive moisture allows contaminants and micro-organisms to flourish, creating a serious health risk.

These organisms will remain after the water drains; mould and fungal infestations will begin to grow within 72 hours. It is of critical importance that standing water is drained quickly.

That way decontamination and clean up can begin before the environment is beyond recovery.

Outside, high water levels can cause a wide range of problems, from the disruption of travel and utility service, to the loss of crops and destruction of farmland.


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