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Fuel Tanks

Whether SLD’s clients need a long run tank option, in conjunction with their generator or pump, or they just require additional fuel storage capacity, then SLD’s Bunded Fuel Tanks offer the quality and value they need.

The tanks represent the latest in product development. They are manufactured in the UK using the latest state-of-the-art laser and robotic technology. They meet ADR and UN requirements and comply with Pollution Protection Guidelines (PPG2/PPG26).

Bunded Fuel Tanks

SLD’S Bunded Fuel Tanks offer a quality and durability that can only be achieved with stringent quality control. SLD’s hire fleet tank range features the capacities detailed below.

Model Capacity Litres Capacity Gallons Dimensions (mm)Length Dimensions (mm)Width Dimensions (mm) Height Weight (kg) Dry Weight (kg) Wet
G748 2,000 400 2,480 1,120 1,160 820 2,820
G749 3,000 600 2,480 1,590 1,160 860 3,860

Environmental Benefits

All fuels must be stored and transported in an inner bunded tank to comply with current legislation. SLD’s bunded tanks prevent accidental leakage of hazardous fuels and phosphates into the environment.


In addition to the hire fleet generators, SLD offer a full range of accessories, listed as follows:

  • Cable
  • Distribution Boards
  • Transformers
  • Automatic Mains Failure Panels
  • Bulk fuel Tanks
  • Single and Multi-Set Synchronised Systems

A sample of the wide range of cable and distribution equipment is available with or without earth leakage trips and safe distribution of power.