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Distribution / Distribution Boards


Packages Tailored to Individual Markets

Alongside SLD’s extensive range of generators, a wide range of ancillary equipment is available to complete the temporary power system.

Power Distribution Panels

A complete range of distribution boards is available with many combinations of sockets/connections. These boards meet all relevant safety requirements and comply with all industry standards. Our certificated distribution board hire fleet ranges from 100amp to 1,000amp in distribution capacity.

Automatic Mains Failure Panels

This panel is designed for use with an automatic supply changeover panel, which will automatically start and stop a generator and changeover the supply from mains to generator and back again.

Panels can be single phase or three phase units. It can be either 3 pole or 4 pole. If a solid neutral is required the neutral pole on the contractor is lined with a copper bar per breaker.

The contactors are mechanically and electrically inter-locked so that the generator supply and mains supply cannot be connected to the load at the same time. Our AMF hire fleet ranges from 250amp to 1,000amp in capacity.