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  • Automatic Changeover Panels

    This panel is designed for use as an automatic supply change over panel, which will automatically start and stop a generator and changeover the supply from mains to generator and back again.

    Panels can be single phase or three phase and three phase units. It can be either 3 pole or 4 pole. If a solid neutral is required the neutral pole on the contactor is lined with a copper bar per breaker.

    The contactors are mechanically and electronically inter-locked so that the generator supply and the mains supply cannot be connected to the load at the same time.

    The panel consists of the following equipment:

    • 2 – 4 pole contactors
    • 1 – 3 phase voltage/phase sequence monitor
    • 1 – Delay on changeover on mains failure timer
    • 1 – Delay on changeover on mains restoration timer
    • 1 – Generator on load lamp
    • 1 – Mains available lamp

    Contacts for stopping and starting the generator set (open to stop, close to start).

    Terminals for connecting the mains, generator and load cables.

    The panels are mounted on galvanised stands for free standing with removable gland plates for cable entry. Panels are IP55 Rated.

    Size (Amps) No of Phases (Single/Three) Voltage
    100 Three 415
    125 Single 240
    125 Three 415
    200 Three 415
    250 Three 415
    300 Three 415
    400 Three 415
    500 Three 415
    1250 Three 415
    2000 Three 415
    25000 Three 415