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    Specialist Air Driven Pumps

    SLD’s Specialist Air Driven Pumps are extremely versatile, portable, compact units. These pumps are capable of a wide variety of applications such as effluent transfer, chemical transfer, hydrostatic testing, mains filling, testing and disinfection, and deep shafts.

    These are versatile compact and portable pumps, capable of a wide variety of applications in:

    Industry – Effluent transfer, chemicals, petrochemical and shipbuilding.
    Civil Engineering – dewatering excavations, deep shafts, tunneling and confined spaces.
    Water Industry Utilities – Mains filling and testing, mains disinfection, hydrostatic testing.

    Suitable for some food grade uses or aggressive liquid transfer, with minimum product agitation. Details available on request. Check before use.

    Suitable for bulk diesel and oil transfer.

    Will pump water, oils and fuels, viscous liquids and light slurries, (without suspended solids.) Self-priming, can run dry without damage, suitable for high head applications. Good air-handling properties and can provide instant control of flows, by closing off discharge or air supply. Stalls without damage.

    SLD air operated double diaphragm pumps:

    • Are safe in hazardous areas: air driven, no sparks
    • Are self-priming up to 6 m
    • Can be fully submersible
    • Can run dry without damage
    • Are pressure balanced, will stall if discharge is closed and restart when opened, this avoids heat build-up and wear
    • Have minimum product agitation
    • Portable and compact and can be remotely controlled


    • Hoses
    • Settlement Tank
    • Adaptors
    • Strainer

    The Specialist Air Driven Pumps are suitable for

    • Water
    • Sludge
    • Oil/Fuel
    • Chemical

    Product Specification


    Solids Size: Small solids and slurries
    Air Line Connection: 3/4″ B.S.P.
    (40cfm and 70cfm compressor needed to run these units)

    On suction lifts a medium strainer is recommended-an integral strainer can be supplied for submerged operation.
    Amps at Max. Flow: 4.3amps

    B25 – Alloy – 16kg  B25 – Iron – 35kg
    B50 – Alloy – 38kg  B50 – Iron – 64kg
    B75 – Alloy – 52kg  B75 – Iron – 98kg