Pump Companies On Red Alert In Yorkshire | News
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    Pump companies on red alert in Yorkshire

    SLD have given a significant amount of support to the flood relief work across the whole of the Yorkshire area – particularly South Yorkshire. From the extensive pump fleet, particularly the larger pumps (6″ to 12″) have been in high demand to help cope with the flood relief work.

    This has included pumps: to over pump the River Rother after it burst its banks; providing pumps for the Fire Service at Ulley Dam where there was the threat of the dam walls not being able to hold the excess water; support to clearing water from Meadowhall; support to emergency services Silver Control team co-ordinating the emergency flood relief work, and to the Environment Agency supplying large numbers of pumps, hose and temporary power generators.

    Significant numbers of the pump rental fleet have been moved from the rest of the depot network to help meet the need for the water clearance activities in northern England.