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Temporary reinstatement of the cutaway drainage system was required to make the Hall usable as a venue for the Edinburgh Festival shows. A reliable, cost-effective solution was needed fast. However, the requirements were more stringent than that.

Super silent operation was essential, as apart from the obvious demands of the venue itself, the Lyceum theatre is next door and the site is overlooked by apartments ten metres from the working area. Into the bargain the pumping system had to operate overnight.

Intermittent flow was a fact of life for the system. A sump had to be provided and the layout of pipes from the building was random to say the least. SLD’s experienced specification team visited the site and drew together a package that precisely suited the requirements of the job.

The solution was simple and effective. It used hire equipment immediately available from stock. With the SLD team on-site, there was no additional engineering work for the contractor to do, and time on-site was minimal.

Construction of the sump chamber would have given the contractor a significant problem as the site had been excavated to base rock level.

SLD provided a 1500 gallon silt settlement tank with some modifications. This tank was simply lifted into position. The use of flexible hoses with Bauer connectors coped with the random nature of the hall pipework.

Finally, a 4″ Heidra 100 Supersilent power pack was installed to pump from the sump tank to the surface collection manhole. This pump has an automatic float operation which stops and starts the pump cycle in response to rising liquid levels.

This suits intermittent flow use and has the added advantages of fuel economy and a complete absence of noise in standby mode.

None of the concert audiences or the neighbors were ever aware of the vital pumping operation going on beneath them.